BurdaStyle: Stitched Valentine Cards – Punch Card and Puzzle

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BurdaStyle shows you how to create your own unique stitched Valentine Cards with this Valentine Punch Card and Puzzle Card projects. These fun projects are sponsored by us at CRAFT!
BurdaStyle writes:

Valentine’s approaching quickly. These two card ideas are simple, fast and fun to make. Make a puzzle to deliver your message, or satisfy your creative energy by punch holing your love letter onto a card.
If a beginner you will learn how to sew while designing V-Cards for your special friend. Easy templates help you to create AND get inspired to design your own motive for this simply sewn cards. If you’re an early riser and you already got all your cards in advance, this works just as well for birthdays, weddings or any other grand occasion.

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  1. ByHand says:

    This looks like a fun project!

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