Cardboard, Beer, Marbles, Mazes and the January Blahs

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Cardboard, Beer, Marbles, Mazes and the January Blahs
The handheld handmade marble maze game
The handmade beer bottle marble maze game — the dreaded enemy of Blah!

The spending havoc and mayhem of the previous Christmas holiday season is now a distant memory. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and the like have been enjoyed to the fullest and now the onslaught of January credit card bills will start cascading out of our mail boxes.

Welcome to the January blahs!

Beyond the bills, January is home to some of the fiercest and gloomy winter weather for us northerners and of course we have to break back into the workweek mentality after so many blissful days of freedom.

January is the start of a new exciting year of possibilities, but for many of us, the month is a downer.

So I decided to help January along by creating a craft to bring some remnants of happiness to the masses. Let’s start off a new year of ‘cardboard creative madness’ with my way of helping people conquer the lingering month-long villain of Blah!

In order to make a craft worthy of defeating a foe as powerful and cunning as Blah, I had to combine four great inventions of mankind:

1) Beer (actually the bottle without the liquid, but close enough),

2) Marbles (like the ones kids used to play with when kids actually played outside for the fun of it),

3) Cardboard (because cardboard is awesome) and

4) Mazes (a great way to mentally torture people at a county fair).

All four are truly amazing creations on their own, but when combined, they can become so much more! Kinda like Voltron, but minus the lions, battle scenes and Zarkon.

When combined, they become a great time-wasting game that will destroy Blah while you lounge back with a full bottle of beer at your side and a comfy sofa under your butt! Heck, play while at work, at the park or on the subway – any place you find that dreaded Blah lurking!

I present to you the Cardboard Beer Bottle Marble Maze Game Craft!

It will take time to cut and build, but the end result will be a labyrinth game of your own design worthy of hours of enjoyment! Blah doesn’t stand a chance!

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Let’s get building and before you know it February will be here in no time!

Don’t worry January, I still love ya…after March, December, all summer months and maybe October!

Happy 2015 everyone!!!

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