Easily Fold Useful Shapes With This Incredible Paper Template Library

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Easily Fold Useful Shapes With This Incredible Paper Template Library

Sometimes a resource pops up that is just over-the-top in terms of it’s usefulness. Template Maker by Maarten van der Velde is one an outstanding example of a resource to bookmark for later use. Template Maker is a collection of calculators that create various papercraft templates for you, all free. At first glance, you might expect simple things like various sized boxes and cylinders but as you scroll around and look you’ll find not only are the shape calculators varried, but the level of customization of each is impressive.

Each calculator offers the ability to modify the shape and output a template immediately, then save it to your computer for later use. You can quickly switch between units of measurement like inches, cm, and mm as well as change aspects of the shape itself, like number of spikes on a star. There are mostly bold shapes that would be convenient packaging for something else but he has also created some interesting structures meant to hold things inside a box. I could easily see returning to this page many times in the future to help projects along.

You will also notice that a few of them are marked as premium, and these link off to another page by Maarten van der Velde, where you can pay a small fee for some more advanced templates.


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