Giant Cardboard Dedication for the Love of TV

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Giant Cardboard Dedication for the Love of TV
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Firstly, I would like to extend to the maker community and all our readers an “all the best for 2014” salutation. I wish you all the greatest success for this new year of possibilities.

Like everyone else out there who really enjoys television, I have certain shows that are mentally branded as ‘can’t miss’ in my schedule. You know what type of shows I’m talking about – those rare gems on the boob-tube that engage you so deeply with astounding plots, realistic characters, over-the-top humor and/or captivating twists that you can’t go a week without gossiping with friends about them. The wait for a new season is agonizing, but well worth the relief and excitement you feel once they’re back on.

For me personally, shows like Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Doctor Who, Key & Peel, and Walking Dead fall under this special category of show. You all have your own unique lists which may include one, more or none of these shows.

However, I have yet to meet a single person who is not somehow captivated by the awesomeness of Game of Thrones. To me, this show was, and still is, life changing. I WAS the type of person who didn’t care one bit about shows or movies concerning knights, royalty-based sagas, pirates or shows with any combination of such things (The Princess Bride being the lone exception). Game of Thrones changed all that and now I can’t get enough of this series. I even began reading the novels (for me this is a BIG deal…any literature outside of a newspaper or comic book/graphic novel doesn’t usually get my eyes’ attention).

I have become such a massive fan of this drama that I felt compelled to start my 2014 You Tube video production season with the tallest cardboard craft I’ve ever made. Centering on my favorite character in the series – Tyrion Lannister – I have created a 142” cardboard cut-out standee. Just to be ‘extra’, playing off of the show’s slogan “winter is coming”, I unveiled the design outside my home in the frigid winter elements. Two feet of snow acting as the perfect backdrop.

Standees are quite easy to make and in the past I have demonstrated to my subscribers a technique on how to make simple cardboard cut-outs based on celebrities and table-top superheroes. This Game of Thrones design is an extension of my previously demonstrated techniques, but now it pushes the boundaries of nearly 12 feet and reaches the second floor of my house. It was a fun undertaking that took a couple of days to complete and I hope viewers like what they see.

If you have a show or character you truly love, and you are as crazy as I am for making crafts, I encourage you to do the same. Make that love as big as a house and give your guests something epic to gossip about!

I’m looking forward to season four of Game of Thrones and the games each character plays to achieve that Iron Throne of misery. Cheers to you all and happy TVing (my new word for 2014)!

A Homemade Game Guru 'Game of Thrones' 12-foot tall standee
A Homemade Game Guru ‘Game of Thrones’ 12-foot tall standee
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