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Handmade books are a thing of beauty, and Etsy seller Kate Black’s are among the loveliest I’ve seen. This is her “Domestic Animals” journal/sketchbook, made with images from a 1960s kid’s book, sustainable grass green lokta paper, and fun polka-dot endpapers–all bound up with chocolate brown waxed linen thread. Now doesn’t that beat scribbling your sketches on boring old notebook paper? Link.

6 thoughts on “Handmade Books by Kate Black

  1. hoganfe handbags says:

    OMGosh that is such a creative idea I just love it!

  2. charlotterusse says:

    i have a couple of her books; they’re all amazingly well-made out of high quality stuff.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m always impressed with Kate’s work.

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