How I Made a Makey BB-8 Hybrid Rubber Stamp

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How I Made a Makey BB-8 Hybrid Rubber Stamp


Star Wars fever has hit my house too. We wondered what BB-8 and Makey would look like if we morphed them together. There are lots of different ways to do this, so definitely let your imagination go out of this galaxy. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make a stamp!

I have a Silhouette Cameo and a Silhouette Mint. The Silhouette Cameo is a wonderful cutting machine, and the Mint is a rubber stamp maker. Together it’s magic! I used both of these for my stamp, although it’s not necessary to use both (you actually don’t need either machine, Maker Shed sells a Carve-a-Stamp Kit!).

I personally like to edit the artwork in the Cameo software and then use the Mint from there. I chose to create this robot mashup, but you can use whatever design you want. I worked in the Silhouette Cameo software to morph Makey’s head and signature “M” onto BB-8’s body.


Next I turned to the Silhouette Mint software. The Mint gives you lots of choices, and each size stamp you can make comes with all the fixings: the stamp, rubber backing, sticker to stamp your design on, and a lid. I decided on a size and I was ready to print. You just feed the stamp through the Mint and it will etch out the section you want to stamp. Easy as that!

I removed the rubber portion of the stamp by creasing at the line (shown in the first picture above), then peeled out the stamp and placed it on the rubber mat.

Next up is the inking! I wanted to do two colors, so first I put the red ink on and let it soak in, which happens pretty fast. After the red soaked in I followed with the blue. I took a few trial runs to work off the excess ink and then my stamp was ready! I stamped on the white sticker and placed it on top of the lid so I can identify my stamp later without opening its case. The ink works for about 60 stamps before re-inking is needed, at which point I might choose to refill it with different colors!

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I have 2 children both of which go to university. I spend most of my time crafting. I like to make origami, 3D paper projects, greeting cards, and lots more. I mostly work with my Silhouette Cameo, Curio, and Mint. Happy Crafting!

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