How-To: Blinged Out Cardboard Cat Fort

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How-To: Blinged Out Cardboard Cat Fort


Take a look at the ornate architectural details featured on this cardboard cat fort by Instructables user joejoetheclown.

The other day I came home to find my wife had turned one of my endless stream of incoming Digikey boxes into a fort for the cats. It had a large front door, windows, a small back door, and even a second story perch inside!

It was pretty crafty, but needed some personality. So while she was away on a work trip I decided to bling it out a bit. With the help of google image search, a laser cutter, and some cardboard I turned it into a medieval stronghold.


For those without access to a laser cutter, the details could also be cut by hand. Either way, it is great just to see an example of the crafty potential of using a laser cutter with salvaged materials.



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