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By Sonya Nimri
If you are getting married in a rustic woodsy or outdoor setting, this is a great way to display reception seating without using anything but some paper, twine, and the great outdoors. This project is not costly at all and maximizes outdoor space for weddings that may not have tabletop areas for seating cards available. It’s also a clever way to echo the theme of your wedding, be it nature or whatever shape you choose to cut for each card.

Leafseatingdisplay Supplies


Cardstock or store-bought die-cut cardstock leaves available at paper stores or online
Scissors or personal electronic cutter I used a Cricut.
Hole punch
Black pen


Leafseatingdisplay Step1
Step 1: Cut a basic leaf shape. I used the Cricut electronic cutter, and then added hand cuts to make each of my leaves unique. You could cut each leaf by hand as well by tracing leaves onto the cardstock using a hand-drawn cardboard stencil.
Leafseatingdisplay Step2
Step 2: Punch a hole where you want to attach the leaf to the string, about 1/4″ from the edge of the leaf. Cut a slit from the edge of the leaf to the hole so you can easily slip the leaf onto the twine.
Step 3: Write the names and table numbers on the leaves. Hang them from a stretched twine string in alphabetical order.
About the Author:
Author Sonya Nimri
Sonya Nimri lives and crafts in a little house in Venice Beach, Calif. She is the author of two books: Beadalicious and Just for the Frill of It. Visit her at for lots of project ideas.

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