HOW TO – Make an R2-D2 Pinhole Camera

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CRAFT friend Bonnie Burton has posted up a complete photo tutorial on how to make your own R2-D2 pinhole camera. It’s also a great way to use your old oatmeal container and soda cans in the process! Link.

10 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make an R2-D2 Pinhole Camera

  1. bonniegrrl says:

    thanks for posting my craft, Natalie!
    Also if people need help for the dark room part,
    there’s a great paper and dark room tutorial here:

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  3. abe123 says:

    disposable cameras
    i just tried that paper and it came out to dark
    what can be the problm?

  4. abe123 says:


  5. abe123 says:


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