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Handmade Sticker
Etsy Labs says forget business cards — make stickers! Find out all the different ways you can make stickers and promote your indie crafts. Link.

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  1. catmum says:

    sheesh, that was not easy. Comments on most blogs or sites is easy, compared to that process. I was already registered, I subscribe, but had to do it again. Then you get looped all over the place, you get a message to login (even though I was already logged in) and around Robin Hood’s barn. I think this is the spot. I love the online craftzine, I enjoy all the articles, though some stuff isn’t linked to actual valid pages and sites. oh well. It’s the innernets, eh?
    here’s mine:
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  2. p says: helped a lot for stickers at my high can also make fundraiser or flier stickers.

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