Making a big Head Mario Costume

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Making a big Head Mario Costume

Mario Big HeadEver since seeing the Big Head Mode papercraft costume made by Eric Testroete, I’ve wanted to make my own ‘Big Head Mode’ Mario papercraft costume. To simplify the process I found an existing Mario Head papercraft model and blew it up – big enough to wear as a costume.make_halloweenbadgeV2 (1)

The original design was for a 15cm tall version so everything was magnified 3x larger to work as a wearable head. The design was printed in color on thick card stock and then cut, folded, glued, and assembled together. I left an opening in the bottom of the head and cut holes in the eyes to see just enough to safely walk around.

Mario Big Head 2
Meta-Mario: Obviously this had to happen.

It took 72 printed pages and a week’s worth of evenings to get everything done. Add in a pair of overalls and a red shirt and you’re good to go. The papercraft model that I used was designed by Pixel-Kakashi and can be downloaded here. There’s a similar (and simpler) model here that may also work. You could use a similar process to turn just about any papercraft model into a wearable costume!

Mario Pumpkin
Why not carve a Mario Pumpkin while you’re at it.

More: OREVIK | Mario Head
More: OREVIK | Mario Pumpkin

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  1. SaluteFare un grande capo Mario Costume | Salute says:

    […] Da vedere il Big Head modalità costume papercraft fatta da Eric Testroete, ho voluto fare il mio ‘Big Head Mode’ Mario costume. […]

  2. stf says:

    your head in papercraft:

    1. Viktor Orekhov says:

      That’s a very cool site, I just may have to give it a try.

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