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The team over at Jet Pens realized that holiday card-making season is upon us, so they sent me a variety of pens and stationary tools to try out (check back this week for a sample of just a few of the many pens they offer). Included in the package was the Kuretake Handmade Mini Envelope Template which I immediately had to try. I mean, it’s for making your very own tiny envelopes…

The template, made of plastic, is itself only 5″x 5.” You can make two different envelope sizes with it by simply tracing the outer or inner map.
Once you cut out the template, fold along the flaps in toward the center. The template directs you which one to fold first. I added a line on either side so I made sure I folded the two big flaps in just the right spot. Add a small line of glue on the top flaps to secure.
You’re all done. The larger envelope is the perfect size for a gift card, so if I have any to give out this holiday season, I’ll make a custom envelope for each one

4 thoughts on “Miniature Envelope Template

  1. Willow says:

    I’ve always loved homemade envelopes!
    (Btw, I think the company who sent this to you is called Jet Pens not Jen Pens.)

  2. Lish Dorset says:

    Ok, I need to get a new prescription for my glasses! Thanks, Willow ;)

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