Paint Chip Card Crafts

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Kelly of Make: Grow: Gather has a fun roundup of crafts you can make with paint chip cards, including these gift tags and place cards.

4 thoughts on “Paint Chip Card Crafts

  1. Becky Stern says:

    Now, these are lovely, I just wonder what “minted peas” are! =]

  2. Puzzle says:

    I’m a writer and once a friend showed up at a poetry workshop with a “deck” of paint chip cards.
    We had to draw three random ones from the deck and use the creative names of the colours in a poem. A fabulous exercise!
    So let’s hear it for paint chips! Why not write a little paint chip poem ON the paint chip? Use it as a place card, in place of a greeting card, for collage or even as a sweet gift for someone you secretly admire?

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