Showing Cardboard Admiration Towards Steampunk Weapons

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Showing Cardboard Admiration Towards Steampunk Weapons
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Oh, the world of steampunk…

I’ve always known about the term ‘steampunk’ but for the longest time I never looked deeper into the phenomena that has hypnotized so many ardent crafting artist, geeks, cosplayers and designers. My complete neglect of this fascinating movement changed last month through a chance online conversation.

While trying to promote a personal gaming campaign, I engaged in an email conversation with a gentleman who helps run The Steampunk World’s Fair. He was gracious in providing my handmade board game, Superpowerful Bonanza, with some exposure on his site and Facebook page. While exploring the website posting provided for me, the opportunity arose to immerse myself in the imagery and passion related to steampunk culture.

To say the least, I was “blown away” by what I saw on the Steampunk World’s Fair website. From there, more steampunk images were explored through Google Images and various You Tube channel steampunk aficionados.

I became captivated by images of men and women of varying ethnic backgrounds and age ranges dressed in elaborate garb complete with gears and robotic looking articulation. The attention to detail was truly inspiring.

But even more amazing to me were the images I witnessed of steampunk weapons. I learned what it truly means to be humbled while left in a state of awe!

If you have read my previous posts or watched my You Tube videos (He-man sword, Game of Thrones Sword), you have already witnessed my enjoyment in making cardboard weapons. I consider myself quite good at making things like cardboard swords but after seeing the advanced level of steampunk weapon design, I realized I have much more to learn, and farther to mature, in my cardboard weaponry ambitions.

Steampunk weapons include the fusion of multiple elements into a seamless device or prop. You’ll find guns and swords interwoven into fierce machines of precision. Gears, clocks, hooks, chains, scopes and all sort of madness combined into a functional amazing looking accessory.

Needless to say I am sold on the merits of steampunk weaponry and I’m up for the challenge to tackle even more detailed cardboard designs. Time to up my game!

As my first novice attempt, I present Satan’s Toothbrush – a 100% cardboard sword/axe monstrosity standing 4’5” tall with hand cut gears and over 10 layers of “oh yeah” badassness!

I am asking viewers to let me know your thoughts on this design. Feedback is greatly appreciated, especially from those individuals who are already deeply immersed in steampunk culture.

From this simple start, I’m looking forward to developing the next steampunk inspired weaponized beast! Suggestions are welcome…

Satan's Toothbrush as unglued parts and template
Satan’s Toothbrush as unglued parts and paper template
Hand cut cardboard gears
Hand cut steampunk cardboard gears
The raw cardboard sword
The raw cardboard sword axe prior to painting
The completed Satan's Toothbrush sword
The completed Satan’s Toothbrush steampunk sword axe
The full length of the steampunk sword
The full length of the Satan’s Toothbrush steampunk sword axe
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