Sunset Painting with Watercolors

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The backdrop of Hawaii is overwhelming with inspiration. Colors are everywhere, and in full saturation. The sunsets are the exact reason why I brought my travel art kit. I’ve never painted in my life, but have been wanting to dip my toes in. We took our supplies down to the water’s edge tonight to set about putting color to paper.
My uber talented husband Nat added a palette of simple watercolors to the art supplies. He sketched with the paint and black pen to render this pretty little painting.
I’m a novice, and so the clever watercolor crayons were a perfect introduction to the medium. I scribbled out the color, then blended it with the wet brush. It went from drawing to painting in an instant. I can’t wait to play with the rest of my materials, including the sharpies and the oil pastels, to create a new sunset every night!

2 thoughts on “Sunset Painting with Watercolors

  1. Emerson Brett says:

    Naja, das muss ich mir spaeter glaub ich noch einmal etwas genauer anschauen.

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