The Incredible Paper Race Cars of Paul Bischof

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The Incredible Paper Race Cars of Paul Bischof
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This is Paul Bischof. He loves Formula 1 race cars. His love might border on obsession, which is convenient because his incredible paper recreations of race cars landed him a job working on the real thing.

As you can see in the video above, Paul creates stunning reproductions of race cars almost completely out of paper. A few pieces like the gift wrapping ribbon “seat belts” are left to other materials, while the bulk is rolled, folded, pressed, painted, and glued into shape.

Renault R25 from Paul Bischof's Blog
Renault R26 from Paul Bischof’s Blog

You might think that his time would be fairly consumed with his career designing parts for the actual cars, but Paul is still creating his stunning art pieces at home. You can actually follow along, since he posts progress reports on his personal blog regularly.  You can also browse through the long list of cars he has constructed to see what he has completed or what is still in progress.

The engine from the Porsche 917 from Paul’s Blog

Pauls attention to detail doesn’t stop with a good looking exterior. In this example the Porsche 912 model engine looks incredible on its own. Once installed in the 917 body, you won’t be able to see all of these details.



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