Upgrade Your Cardboard Car with Downloadable Templates

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Upgrade Your Cardboard Car with Downloadable Templates
Macosh Design's latest creation are life size toys for kids made entirely out of cardboard. These are kid-sized toys made entirely out of cardboard.
Macosh Design’s latest creation are life size toys for kids made entirely out of cardboard.

There’s something so satisfying about a cardboard box. Remember getting a new toy and spending hours playing with the box instead? Even pets know the joy of playing with an empty cardboard box. Pretending a box is a race car is good fun, but what if it actually looked like a race car? Macosh Design has you covered. The Polish design studio specializes in manufacturing wooden furniture, industrial design, and engineering. They’ve also recently added a new material for their work: cardboard.

Sorry, this racecar doesn't come in adult sizes...yet
Sorry, this racecar doesn’t come in adult sizes… yet

The company’s latest products are geared towards kids and their budding imaginations. Instead of furniture, Macosh Design have created a toy biplane and race car kids can climb inside and live out their fantasies. Both are entirely crafted out of cardboard and look just like their real world counterparts. Sorry, they don’t come in adult sizes, but maybe if the project gets enough support they’ll upgrade these toys for adult bodies.

Parents beware, just like most toys now there is assembly required. Patterns for both the race car and the biplane are available to download for free on Macosh Design’s site. From there you’ll need three A0 sheets of cardboard, which can be found in hardware stores or even from old boxes you may have lying around. From there you’ll need simple tools, like scissors, glue, and paper, to complete the project. The instructions for putting the toys together are also available on their website. The building process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The project is ideal for when the kids are bored on a rainy day. Help them build their own plane rather than parking them in front of the TV.

Just like most things, some assembly is required by parents. Cardboard helmet is pretty rad.
Just like most things, some assembly is required by parents. The cardboard helmet is pretty rad.

Is it really free? Yes, the files can easily be found on Macosh’s site. The most they ask for is a donation of at least one dollar. You can’t even get a rubber ball for that price. Right now, the company is holding a poll asking donors which is faster, the race car or the biplane. You can cast your vote by making a donation to their PayPal. The winner of the mini competition will determine the design of the next cardboard toy. The company also welcomes feedback on their current designs and thoughts on what their next cardboard creation should be. My vote would be an adult sized army tank. Who says the work week can’t be fun?


The instructions for building the racecar
The instructions for building the racecar

Macosh Design previously crafted a simple, yet cool lamp called Pet. It’s compact design of a wooden lamp head sitting on an adjustable stand, make this lamp suitable for a desk, chair, or even the floor. Perfect for houses and apartments of all sizes. Check out their other designs at Macosh Designs.



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