Wooden Spool Garden Markers

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Wooden Spool Garden Markers

mason jar herb garden

Planning your own mini herb garden this summer? Take the guesswork out of identifying each plant by using some custom made garden markers!

I am geeking out over these uber crafty wooden spool markers. If you’re planning on growing this little garden outside, you will definitely want to weather proof your paper labels. Try a DIY laminating approach by using packing tape to seal the paper from moisture. I’ve seen funky patterned vinyl shelf liner available in stores that might do the trick in place of the scrap booking paper, or better yet use washi tape instead!

These mini spools can be found at most craft supply shops, but if you are an avid sewer you might already have a stash of empties just waiting to be re-purposed.

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These adorable project was created by the lovely ladies at Eighteen25. Head over to get the full how-to.

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  1. sam says:

    Its good to use crafty wooden spool markers for the plants but in my opinion it is not durable and not long lasting, here you also can use metal garden markers which are durable and sun resistant and you also can use for long time.

    Source: https://www.idealgardenmarkers.com/

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