PET Bottle Art by Veronika Richterová

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PET Bottle Art by Veronika Richterová

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Michelle our Education Director for Maker Faire sent in these amazing photos from her aunt in Prague. They feature the work of artist Veronika Richterová who incorporates plastic bottles in her art. She recently had an exhibit in April at the Czech Centre Prague entitled “Five Years of Plastic Bottle Art and The National Museum of Plastic Bottles.”
A brief bio on ArtForum writes:

Another area of creation of Veronika Richterová is young art called PetArt. She makes “crystal” chandeliers of PET bottles, mediaeval cups and different representatives of flora and fauna. She creates interesting objects from waste material – let’s mention her non-traditional Pethleham and an interesting Pet-bra that cannot be overlooked.

Veronikia Museumofplasticbottles
Pictured above is her sculpture “National Museum of Plastic Bottles”, which contains around 1500 specimens of household and garden PET bottles.
More photos of Veronika Richterová’s PET bottle art after the jump.

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  1. Brookelynn says:

    What a great statement to show those bottles all together. So different, and so the same.

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