Cris Benton’s pole aerial photography rig

Photography & Video

It was definitely hard to overlook Cris Benton at this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire (he was the guy walking around with 29-foot fishing pole). Cris’ carbon fiber fishing-pole-turned-monopod netted some amazing photos of the event and attending crowds – be sure to check them out in his Flickr photoset.

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Of course, this isn’t his only method for capturing bird’s eye views – those of you keeping track will recall Cris’ Kite Aerial Photography project featured in MAKE Volume 1 as well as a segment from Make: Television all about his project.


2 thoughts on “Cris Benton’s pole aerial photography rig

  1. KWdaddio says:

    Awesome images ~ Very Inspiring. How did you attach the camera rig to the pole and are you using a tripod head or what?

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