Giveaway: iClone4 PRO real-time animation software!

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Giveaway: iClone4 PRO real-time animation software!

John Martin, of Reallusion, makers of iClone, the real-time animation software I wrote about a few days ago, has kindly donated ten copies of iClone4 PRO to give away to MAKE readers! How exciting. iClone4 PRO retails for $199, so this is quite an offer.

So, what can iClone4 PRO do? Here’s a video that gives you a quick tour of the features.

Here’s the recent review from Icrontic again.

And here are a few more movies made with iClone:

To enter the drawing, just tell us in comments what you’d do with a copy of iClone4 PRO. What sorts of movies/animations do you dream of making? Comments for the drawing will close on Monday night at midnight Pacific time. Winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Note: iClone 4 PRO is PC-only. To see what the software requirements are, check them here.

188 thoughts on “Giveaway: iClone4 PRO real-time animation software!

  1. hbetts says:

    My daughter wrote a wonderful Sci-Fi short story for my birthday and gave it to me as a present. I would animate that short story into a small featurette and share it with the world. It would allow me to showcase my daughter’s skills as a writer, artist, and my skills as a programmer.

  2. been says:

    i wanna win this because that first video was beyond amazing, and i want to make things similar to it

  3. Michael O'Reilly says:

    My sons and I have been looking at different ways of creating movies, many of which we’ve seen here this month. The iClone4 PRO software looks fantastic for doing exactly this.

    I’d love the opportunity to work with the kids on bringing their ideas to “life” in a virtual world of their creating.

  4. mrbiotech says:

    I could use this in teaching biology, broaching subjects of a molecular nature in a graphical manner more tangible to the average student.

  5. bynk says:

    This would be great for making short films, but more importantly, for pre-visualization for making films. Begone storyboards! We’ve got pre-viz!

  6. blt says:

    I would love to be able to use this to build interesting projects for my family videos, to create models of the world around me and use them to tell stories, and learn a skill to pass on to my child. I’ve wanted to get into CG video for years as a hobby, but have found the price of entry to be either too high, or far to technical (I’m talking to you, free Maya learner edition!).

  7. ric says:

    i tried to come up with a great humanitarian and even altruistic reason for wanting this software and how I would use it to create world peace, but the truth is I just want to tinker with digital animation.

  8. Gary says:

    My 11 year old daughter is a very talented writer and I’d love to be able to animate her stories for her. I love playing with this stuff and I can’t get enough of it.

  9. alaskangraham says:

    This would be great for making instructional shorts and educational shorts to kids, even a new way to do instructables. You could actually show the construction process.

  10. jojoguy10 says:

    My brother, dad and I make home movies together as a family, but we want to make fire effects or maybe make a lightsaber of some kind.

  11. Dave says:

    Okay, not possible; but, perhaps I’d make a animated sequence involving a world takeover.

  12. TheHeadlessSourceMan says:

    Lets be hones what we’re all about, here. I’d probably do like a lot of MAKE readers and try to hook it up to stuff… that it was intended to be hooked to. ;)

    Right now I’m thinking the “play to create” and “realtime facial animation” features are just begging to be hooked up to a Python script that could do some automated button-pushing on the app based on some external stimulus.

    Maybe like have a character read your RSS feeds or to be able to move it around via physical hardware.

    So yeah, I think a with a little bit of luck (and an uncharacteristically long attention span) even a shamless hack like myself could even come up with some poor man’s flavor of “Sid The Science Kid” tech. B)

  13. Michael Johnson says:

    I’m an amateur game developer working on making some cool games. I’d use the animation software to for use in my games (and some animations for just fun.)

  14. Andrew Lewis says:

    I’d love to use this to generate interactive and immersive environments in sculpture spaces. I think it would be cool to hook people into the scenes using Pygame, so that they become part of the scene. It would also be cool to visualize live data streams.

  15. thebigcheese says:

    I can’t say I have any particular plans for this, but I sure do love free software! Maybe I could eventually use it to interact with Arduino.

  16. Jason says:

    I’ve been working with a local band here in Sydney they liked the music video I made so much, they want me to make more for their other tracks. I have some ideas, but I really need iClone4 to make them happen.

    It’s funny, but only a couple of days ago I was researching iClone4 for this very project! Spooky!

  17. quality says:

    I have worked in the computer graphics industry full time now for a little over two years. My screen credits include WALL-E (Pixar), Madagascar 2, and the upcoming Megamind (DreamWorks animation). However, for me animation is more than a job, it is my hobby. I dream of the day when I can break away from the big studios and create my own company to produce feature films, both animated and live action. I have actually been looking at tools like iClone for some time now, but I have other expenses (like student loans :) )to take care of before my hobbies. I have many ideas that I am planning on making into films someday but I need a pre-viz software to help me flesh them out. Traditional storyboarding is very tedious and the time I get to work on my personal projects is very limited. With iClone I would be able to save a lot of time and get to the creative aspects of telling the stories I have to share.
    I must also mention that my comments here have nothing at all to do with my employer and are my own thoughts about my personal hobby in computer animation.

  18. lcmosier says:

    As a developer and Instructional Designer, I get more and more requests for animated training and avatars. I have also had several requests for game-based learning. This tool looks like it would make this process much easier for me. I would like to begin using this tool to develop some of the projects and to also pursue some of my personal projects.

  19. JAGAK says:

    I work for a small school district in Alaska and have noticed several of our kids enjoy drawing animated characters. Every year they have a semester long digital project, the projects vary quite a bit and they get to choose their form of media. Last year we had a senior make an entire game using Blender and he has gone on to DeVry for a degree in game design. With a program like iClone4 Pro I’m sure we could get a few kids that are already making characters in Photoshop interested in bringing those characters to life, from there who knows how far they will go with it. Thanks Reallusion & Makezine for making opportunities like these available to the readers!

  20. kalumbe says:

    I’ve been looking for a tool to bring back to live some of the great characters from history. Creating historical avatars and being able to interact with them would be a great way to learn about the past. Imagine catching up with Galileo over a beer…!

  21. Salman Sheikh says:

    She does everything with me, whether in the shop on the computer or in the back yard. I think she would have a blast making a home movie, especially a cartoon

  22. My Pet Fly says:

    …I’d like to see you give them to those that want to share with kids and families the experience of working with 3D. If you have any left after that, I could use one to do some animation for pay to tide me over until I can find a new job. No urgency in my case though. ; )

  23. DJunker says:

    I have already done some small 3D animations for example for presentations at school or just for fun. But I always had to use free software (e.g. PovRay and Blender). iClone would improve the results considerably.
    I could use this software for a short science fiction movie. I already tried to do it with the free software but I failed because of the limited range of functions. Modeling humans and other life forms is especially difficult without Software like iClone.

  24. ingenio18 says:

    I would make movies with my family to remember the different things that we have done together.

  25. Vorple says:

    I would make an animated documentary on the Mohler case that’s been in the news lately.

  26. Bob A. says:

    The real story behind NASA’s Spirit rover, and all the problems it’s had. Hint: it involves Martians.

  27. says:

    I run a reality-blurring tabletop RPG, and I would use this to expand the gameworld for my players.

  28. Mercator says:

    Would dearly love this software for the creation of some mind catching educational animation.

  29. Woody says:

    Make it a family affair… lots of learning and lots of fun.

  30. adelard says:

    I would use this to further our Volunteer Fire dept training program. being able to show in 3D real life situations would be a great help, and training tool.

  31. furnhusch says:

    I would make videos of feet battling for their very survival.

  32. trentb says:

    Nebraska 4H is offering a video project this year and my son would like to enter and this looks to be perfect.

  33. Devcoder says:

    I have a very good writer friend and I would love to work on a movie/short with him

  34. wwench says:

    I would use this software to make a flint knapping instruction video, because animation would allow a better view of the angle of strike, etc. I would then make a video about the physics of the atlatl, and the techniques for throwing an arrowhead-tipped atlatl dart.

  35. hauntedpoet says:

    The programing would be used in multiple areas in our attempt to educate the community to the needs of local Volunteer Fire Departments and the ways the community can better prepare themselves for an emergency situation. The software would allow us to run scenarios of emergencies without placing members in danger while allowing the public to remain entertained. This would be especially useful when we deliver our annual Fire Safety Week in October with the school children. What better way to get to kids then animation!!! Thank you Walt Disney and Warner Bros!!!
    We could adapt the software to be used for much needed membership drives and food drives by making humorous 30 second commercials to air on public stations. Not to mention how much fun this would be to use with our Adult Soap Box Derby Race.
    Training would be another area we could use it for, members could watch the animation for correct and incorrect methods.
    With your software and our imagination there is no limit to what good we could do with this software, I can only hope we make the top 10 so we can can show you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

  36. birdjsc says:

    I’d give it to my nephew, who is an artist/photographer/sometimes short movie maker going into college in the fall, because I’d love to see what he’d do with this.

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  37. Bryant says:

    This would be great to teach youth groups about animation and get them interested in technology. So many great young artists out there without the tools to put their ideas to work.

  38. kaxo88 says:

    I want to create a short home movie of my family & me as characters in a virtual world. It would be really fun & awesome and everyone is excited. I haven’t decided on the story setting yet but this is a great way to keep the family entertained and doing something together. We loved the movie “Up” and guess got inspired to try ourselves:) Thanks hope to win.

  39. rfenginerd says:

    As an aspiring Nerdcore rapper I need all the help I can get. I’m just too ugly to put my mug in a video, even for this musical genre. The legal and PR hassle of pulling a Milli Vanilli is not a viable option, so I’m looking to go the purely animated route. I want to develop and produce several groovy music videos featuring what little talent I possess. As I have little confidence in my ability to cash in on this venture I need the lowest cost solutions to get started. Free animation software meets that requirement.

  40. Capdiamont says:

    I’d like to use it to show where the trains used to go in our area, plus help show how our museum would be. Part of the idea is to make movies, to support our museum, by sales.

    I have to wonder. I have had this idea for a long time, that with our train rides, that a person could look out a special window, or goggles, and see in real time how things used to be. Such as where the trains used to go. I wonder if this will be the ticket.

  41. mlschultz says:

    My girlfriend and I run a small web and tech development business. We would use this software to offer more unique content to our small business clients.

  42. says:

    Last year, I discovered what was then the first and only known image of arguably the most famous medical patient in history, Phineas Gage. Since then, that discovery has led to others. You can read about the story on Flickr and in Smithsonian Magazine. NPR’s All Things Considered also did a story, which is still available online. I’m currently in preproduction for a documentary on the subject, and applying for grant money. I began my career in video, and I hope to return to it. Anyway, I have no budget yet, though I own most of the equipment I will need. What I lack is a clear video sequence detailing Gage’s accident to which I own the rights. This software could do the job, I’m sure.

  43. NeuronScream says:

    I have tried/bought several products over the years in the attempt to realize my vision of making indie animation films.

    But the truth is I have a day job and I haven’t been able to spend every waking hour learning the ins and outs of each 3D world builder package, 3D modelers, and video composite programs that have come out over the years. I have made strides with some of the packages out there but I still struggle with a ton of things that handled directly in iClone!

    It is nice to see that someone out there in the software community has finally realized that plenty of us want to make films without learning 8 or more packages of expensive software!

    I teach CAD modeling and I always get questions about doing movies animations – they want to know what package I recommend. Until now I haven’t been able to give a straight answer but I think that is about to change.

    If I were to win a copy, I’d make sure my students see it – along with all my finally to be realized shorts!

    Thanks guys for making animated movies easy enough for real people to try, not just the pasty cubical vampires!

    1. Gareth Branwyn says:

      Hey, no need to call some of us names :-)

  44. mp2526 says:

    For the past few halloweens I have had the old shine the youtube video of Disneys Haunted Mansion of the Grim Grinning Ghosts on some busts I created. I’d like to ditch the old video and create some custom animations to prject onto the faces of the busts. I think this software might work well for this. Might also work well is creating a greeter personality to greet trick or treaters as they come to the door, maybe is a magic mirror prop or something.

  45. Quib says:

    I’m a library student who works at the local university while my wife works at the small public library. I’d use this software to make demos, tutorials, and (if I became proficient) possibly offer workshops. I’d also love to animate my own children’s books. It is difficult to say for certain what I will do with the software, but I’m excited about the possibilities.

  46. mike says:

    I’m a HS teacher working mostly in the life sciences, I’d use this to make some awesome models to help students visualize cell functions and kinetic theory in addition to making some instructional videos (labs techniques, etc) since the character animation looks really strong.

    Personally I’d use it to make some instructable videos, like the guy selling on ponoko with unbelievable assembly videos. I’m sure some totally random youtube videos would also come out of my tinkering!

  47. kyu says:

    Oh man, this software looks awesome!

    I volunteer at some local after school science programs with a bunch of other engineering students. I’d want to make some animations showing the students some of the concepts we teach that they have a hard time imagining since they’re on a microscopic scale…Last year, we used shoeboxes with sticks poked into them to teach them about atomic force microscopy…being able to make animations would totally help.

  48. says:

    I’ve always fancied producing short animations of sections of books that I really enjoyed and would love the chance to use this app to do so.

  49. rickyspaceguy says:

    Hey, I’m from India..a few years earlier i & a bunch of my collegemates wrote a play that was superbly received & won many prizes. We wanted to turn the play into a full fledged movie. However we all graduated & the dream always remained a dream…If however I can get my hands on iClone I w’d like to recreate it into an animation movie without having to dig out my old friends for help..It w’d be nice to create back that nostalgia within our group while sharing the movie..all along i’ve been trying to watch stuff that is dished out in indian cinemas & television..most of which is either unimaginative,real crap.Animation in India has either been very stupid or remains connected to mythological stories which i think is stupid because modern indians dont live mythological lives..When we wrote that play we’d broken traditional stereotypes about indian viewers..its a great lesson never underestimate viewers intelligence but dont overestimate their knowledge..
    Oh by the way..the play dealt with an issue that suppose our memories which we dont really want with us now can be traded like a commodity what w’d happen..the concept i agree is not new but the story was original…So may be i’ll turn into an animation movie…

  50. bigpaws says:

    I’d like to make an animation of a makerbot (I’m building mine, now), that prints out something that comes to life…and maybe even starts assembling more makerbots into a makerbot/skynet army.

    1. TheHeadlessSourceMan says:

      Makerbots take over the world! I LOVE IT! :)

  51. DonBobowick says:

    Patent attorney says it is time for me to publicize my wind turbine design. I’ve had a professional patent search, built prototypes, filed provision and non-provisional patent applications. Waiting for the patent office to respond.

    I would like to use iClone4 PRO to build animated models that demonstrate the motions of the pivoting vanes in this unique wind turbine design. Anxious to show the world.

  52. hank says:

    Working with our local Boy Scout/Cub Scouts I could use this with the scouts as a tool to create animations for badge requierments like Showman and Artist. It can be used for making demonstrations on building pinewood derby cars, derby rockets, or boats for the rain-gutter regatta. Could also be used for animations like knot tying and whittling that are part of scout advancement requriements.

  53. weendex says:

    I have a sketch comedy group and we do a lot of videos. However, there is one issue with our videos… we are all terrible actors. Oh, and there is a second issue too: locations. The green screen (aka a green colored bedsheet) can only get us so far.

    There is only one solution for this. Animated videos! Animation will allow us to eliminate our weaknesses (ie: ourselves and our tiny apartments).

  54. Darreno says:

    To help my son learn animation.

  55. Girlstart says:

    Girlstart is a non-profit organization founded in 1997, in Austin, Texas to empower girls in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). A leader in inspiring girls with hands-on learning, Girlstart has served over 16,000 girls, teachers, and families with after-school programs, workshop series, summer camps, teacher trainings, family math nights, and more.

    Girlstart will use the software in our Fall workshop series. Our workshop series provides a hands-on, cutting edge, fun, and informal, all-girl environment for 4th through 8th graders.

  56. Matt Scoville says:

    My kids have great imaginations–I have wanted for some time to cut my teeth in computer animation by bringing some of their stories to the screen. I made up some stories when I was a kid that would be fun to bring to life as well.

    That’s what I would do. :)

  57. MomsManyProjects says:

    I would give it to my 11-year-old son. He wants to be a game developer and has already decided he wants to go to Full Sail when he graduates high school. We’ll be visiting in the next year or two to talk to them. In the meantime, he’s been really anxious to get started learning and making 3D animation, game story lines, and other game related things I don’t fully understand. This would be a great opportunity for him to work on his ideas and get a head start in something he loves!

  58. Earl Martin says:

    My diy background in home animation has run a winding, low-tech route, from drawing directly on wiped 16mm film, to recording stop-motion segments with a camcorder, to stitching together individually drawn or photo image files, and most recently (unfortunately not so recent) automating rendering of individual frames in POV-RAY, which was still a time-consuming process. Now that my sons are beginning to show an interest in computer animation, the prospect for diminishing the monotony of the actual production process, which can detract from the creative appeal, is exciting. I would use this not only to teach them to bring their own stories to life (and let’s face it, mine too), but also as a tool for helping them visualize and communicate science concepts that are really best conveyed visually.

  59. Merrick says:

    Yeah I’m awesome. Chock full of awesome.

    Unfortunately I’m an apathetic lump. This would give me motivation to do all the things I’ve wanted to do, but haven’t had enough caffeine for. Weird music videos (of my own odd music), Sci Fi shorts that have lots of inspiration and no budget, heck- you’ll even be wearing a t shirt of an outdated viral meme from one of my videos while playing Risk downstairs in your parents basement.

    Yeah, I need it. Gimme gimme gimme.

  60. leobeeblebrox says:

    animation software is my next step in mutimedia hobbying,
    I can not yet afford Maya.
    make sensless acts of beauty and random aesthetic manifestations.

  61. Sir Brian says:

    As an architect who (attempts) to keep up with the technological advances of his industry, I am fairly well versed in sales techniques such as high quality renderings and animations. However, one of the elements missing from most architectural “fly-thrus” (or at best given only a wink and a nod to) is people. This is somewhat misleading, as buildings are designed to be inhabited by and used by people.

    I would use iClone4 Pro as a way to inhabit these otherwise barren animations, and add life to them. Show them being used the way that they would be in real life, not in some barren alternative reality at best inhabited with life-size cardboard cut-outs akin to those seen in theater lobbies and video rental stores.

  62. Merrick says:

    Oh yeah, and I won’t make chrome balls, or endless checkerboard plains, cheesy “polygon salad”, ACID/Garageband/synth/drummachine presets or demo sounds.

    I won’t use a cliche unless I’m making fun of it, or about to have the characters enacting said cliche destroyed.

    In reference to Make: Online Commenting Policy:
    Since I’m making general reference to cliched content, don’t think that I’m mean-spirited, or offensive (poop!). Furthermore, I didn’t tell you my website, or try to sell you something – so I’m not being spammy (Go Now 2 my NoNExistanT Website fer Gr8 Enhancing). Self-promotional: well I did say previously that I WAS awesome, but that is in the past, and do we really need to dwell in the past?

    P.S. My self-replicating-Arduino-powered cat polisher is on the fritz.

  63. dubyaohohdee says:

    Unlike all the other parents whom claim they are going to spend time with their kids making fun movies. I am going to tell the truth. I am going to have my PC aged children make Pixar knockoffs and then sell them on the streets of DC. After we have a couple of movies under our belts i am going to ship the kids out to Hollywood where they can get jobs making even more money. Then i can just sit back and let Hollywood kid take care of me.

    Real Answer…. I will play with the software just long enough for my son to figure out how it works, at which point my son will surpass my abilities and he will use it to fill the gap between his Scratch programs and NXT builds. Thanks,

  64. says:

    Including Maker tutorials for things that don’t exist yet or would otherwise be difficult to display.

    Oh, and I’ll let my 12-year-old learn it too. :)

  65. hmm says:

    I’ll make something! Maybe game concepts.

  66. rotteko says:

    I’m always looking for ways to introduce my students to what they can do with technology without them having to jump through too many hoops. It seems that the more complicated it is to get started the less likely they are to stick with it long enough to get to the fun part of using technology to create. It seems better to get them going quickly and then take those early successes and push them into more advanced areas. This seems like a powerful program with a learning curve that is not quite as steep as others.

  67. irk says:

    I am an animator by trade, but doing my best to move from high level games into movies, but I never have the time to keep my life and projects going and work on my reel.

    I need presentable stuff but to make the animation look really good for the laymen it has to have all the pretty bells and whistles.

    I would like to see what the software can do/put it thru it’s paces and make some portfolio pieces or a short that sings.

    I have tried so many 3D packages and the most time consuming part is always the front end building and rigging and the back end lighting and rendering. I would love to play in such an environment as is shown in the tutorials.
    Do CG where I don’t need technical directors and render farms.

    I just generally want to make the puppets live. :)

    Oooh and I would also like to use this program if I can to do Lenticular 3D elements and animation for a couple of projects I have in mind. :)

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Eric “irk” Hedman

  68. unschool says:

    My 11-year-old son has been researching animation software that might produce something a bit smoother than his webcam and stop motion do. I would love to let him loose with this to experiment and see what he can come up with. It is his dream to become an animator or something related.

  69. says:

    I have been keenly interested in augmented reality and the possibilities it holds in education and learning. A licensed animation software would aid in my project to come up with cool animations and augment them on real life !

  70. RP says:

    This software would be great for our clients (kids) to use. We could also use it to make some PSA’s for the agency. You can check out our site at Thank you for your consideration. We will make good use of the software.

  71. Jeff James says:

    My son loves math and games but rarely attempts creative pursuits. We love the Pixar and Dreamworks animation, so I would work with him to develop his own models and storylines.

  72. vhick says:

    I will do some animated car design. I really love car setup and design that suit my taste. I dream of making an animated car racing or drag racing short film using this and share it my film to my friends.

  73. ndpmcintosh says:

    I will use this software to model cellular growth and development of fungi and other microbes. Growing hyphae, budding yeast, fungi trapping nematodes, binary fission of bacteria, molecular processes like DNA replication, protein synthesis, and enzyme function. Educational stuff like that. Will post on YouTube.

  74. dwmcdougall says:

    I’d use this software to create 3D talking heads for my robots. That way my robots body can walk about my house, and communicate it’s state back to my PC base-station which could display on my computers/laptops/TV my robots 3D Avatar image and become omnipresent throughout my house. Sort of like Vikki on the iRobot movie. It would be sweet to combine that with head tracking too, but my wife says I have to promise to make my robot look like Will Smith if I’m going to do that…. Does Will Smith have tank treads?

  75. funskey says:

    I am an hobbyist model plane maker and this software will really help me in designing most of my planes on the pc before actually starting out on making them without any computer 3d software to assist me like I normally do now. An good program to have especially if this give me the ability to see my models actually soar in the clouds above animated people and buildings.

  76. squ0nk says:

    I am a second-career pediatrician (first career was television production), and I could use this software to create animated segments describing common procedures (immunizations, suturing, etc.) that children might encounter in our office. The software would allow me to make the segments entertaining (and therefore reassuring) while they prepare children for what to expect.

  77. says:

    Will use software for animation projects that i have in production at present but am using a friends copy of iClone 4, so i have to travel 20 miles to their house and back. I will also use the software with 3d studio max and google sketchup to create content for other users of iclone, most will be for free and some will be for purchase as this will be my only source of income. I want to forge out a career in animation and iclone would be the perfect tool to start

  78. Dhiraj Sinha says:

    I am currently pursuing a diploma in animation.
    This software would definitely help me realise my goal.
    So a license would be of immense help to me

  79. mark says:

    My nephew is about to start college doing a course in animation soon. He (and I ) can not afford this type of software. It would be great if he could get a head-start learning with this software before he enters college in September.

  80. Apollo1969 says:

    I am in 8th grade, and am a part of the “executive board” of my school’s start-up brodcast network. Because we just created it, we are a bit strapped for equipment and funds. Since our school’s budget rarely passes, we mostly have to rely on ourselves running fundraisers. When we do have money, it would most likely be spent towards a new camera (right now we have an old Cannon camcorder).
    This software is just what we would need to add a touch of professionalism to our editions in the form of intros, extros, additions to our stories, and to add that little “something” that will enable us to create something amazing, despite the fact were using Windows Movie Maker.

  81. casaheil says:

    I have this great idea for a new story ballet that I would like to pitch to the local professional ballet company. This software looks like it would be great to create the initial staging and setting of what the performance would look like, including very realistic of the movement of the dancers and stage lighting effects. iClone4 looks great!!!
    — Steve

  82. Moetodology says:

    Previously, I had Anime Studio Debut that focusing at 2D Animation.
    Now, I want to complete the lessons by entering the next level, which is 3D Animation with this software.
    I am aiming to create spectacular indie movies that colaborate 2D&3D techniques.

  83. Vrex says:

    I’d use iClone to make a 10-ep series of 3-minute shorts featuring a hard-boiled/sci-fi-noir detective called “The Scarred Man”. In the first ep he’s hired by pre-cog young woman to find out who’s about to murder her. She dies before either learn the killer’s identity. The next 9 eps is the manhunt with The Scarred Man haunted/guided/driven by the girl’s ghost to find the identity of the murderer.

    The series will make good use of iClone’s lighting for moody scenes dripping with atmosphere. iClone’s ability to do ghostly special effects will play a prominent role. Built-in features such as: applying motion capture files; the shader baking; asset import from other 3d apps; and full-featured sound editing make iClone 4 my first choice. Obviously, getting it free will clinch that decision.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  84. Pete says:

    I would use iClone4 Pro for a feature-length animated documentary that I intend to pursue this year as part of my undergraduate degree.

    “Nonfiction Media: Animation, Documentary, and Experimental Approaches to the Moving Image” is a course that will be taught at The Evergreen State College in the fall. My documentary will focus heavily on internet fan culture, the nostalgia of childhood cartoons, and video gaming as escapism.

    Much of the “experimental” portions will be visualizations of fanfictions that takes place in imaginary game worlds, which makes the “look and feel” of iClone4 Pro an ideal vehicle for presenting that material in an easily recognizable way.

  85. UrsusExplorans says:

    I’d use iClone for creating demo videos of future creations and playing virtual wizard of oz.

    Beside that I’d be interested in creating artistic videos, because a crew of artists and the complete equipment for film making is too expensive for a hobby film maker.

  86. migpics says:

    I’d love this software to be able to animate my movie I’m currently story boarding called Tamalco. It’s a story about two vendors, a customer and an interesting outcome with a twist.

    I’ve got the concept, now just need the software.



  87. munger says:

    I am a high school student and accomplished video game developer. I would use this software to add short clips between scenes in my 3d video games to share with others.

    I would also use it with my friends to create unique music videos with my band. We would then be able to share professional and comical videos to explore the music that we are developing.

    If a little bit of bribery will help me, I have been published in Make where I wrote about the program Scratch and how to get started making video games for children. This software would extend my goals of teaching others how to enjoy and fully experience the creative tools available.

  88. Peer says:

    First of all thank you for the offer.
    With iClone I’ld bring some life into our videos. It’s boring for the kids if you watch the videos of past events where they can’t even remember to. I did a lot with videos in the past, but just with motion tweens and still pictures.
    With 3D aninmated scenes it would be much more compelling.

  89. jordan314 says:

    I would make digital music videos and operas with iClone4!

  90. Gareth Branwyn says:

    The comments are no closed for the contest drawing. Thanks for all of your awesome posts. It was inspiring to see all of the cool projects you all dreamed up. Whether you win the software or not, I hope you’ll think about trying to make some of these projects happen.

    We’ll announce the winners tomorrow (Tuesday).

  91. CartoonLearning says:

    This software looks awesome! I’m downloading the free trial right now. It looks so much more intuitive than the other 3D animation programs out there.

    I currently teach animation online at , and I adamantly recommend the programs I believe in. If this turns out to be the product I think it will be (can’t beat the price if it is), I’ll push this product toward my many viewers.

    More importantly, I run another website where I teach children (and adults) how to memorize the Bible, physics formulas, algebra, chemistry, etc. through cartoons. Currently, I’m producing 2D cartoons, but 3D would open up more creative opportunities to take some of the scenes.

    If I got a free version of the full software (assuming it’s with full export capabilities- no watermark), it could not only be a great sales pitch for the software, but iClone could show their desire to give back to the community by investing in the education of others.

    Thanks for considering me!
    Eric Moore

  92. Giovanna Fava says:

    I would use this in a literacy program. By having the letters jump and dance and sing, children as well as adults could have fun, which helps them learn. Then once they can read, I would devlop courses in languages using characters and scenes for dialogues and NO GRAMMAR.

Comments are closed.

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