HOW TO – Instamatic psychedelic camera

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HOW TO – Instamatic psychedelic camera


Here’s a cool way to put an inexpensive thrift store camera to use –

Do you ever see a pile of Kodak Instamatic cameras collecting dust at the thrift store? They always seem to be in surplus. Maybe it’s because people think they’re a little too special to throw away, but assume 126 film is the way of the floppy disk. Well, I bought one (Instamatic X-25) and thought I would mess around with it. After a little bit of work, I was able to rig it for use with common 135 35mm film and got some really cool results.

I love projects like these – using/misusing easily attainable and oft-overlooked devices in creative ways rules. – How to Make a Psycheldelic Camera

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