How-To: Vintage Camera Lamp

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How-To: Vintage Camera Lamp

Stacie of Stars for Streetlights shares how she came up with a clever way to display some of her collection of vintage cameras by repurposing them to create a lamp base.

I realized that there is not enough time in the day for me to use my entire camera collection. So instead of keeping my cameras cooped up in the cupboard, I decided to rescue those vintage cameras, imbibed with memories, from a life of boredom in a box.

See how to make your own over on her blog!

6 thoughts on “How-To: Vintage Camera Lamp

  1. caitlinsdad says:

    It broke my heart to see how it was put together. I thought it may have been a custom tiered display shelf but to see vintage cameras, although they may not be worth much on ebay, get permanently “hacked” in such a way, might as well drill a big hole through the lot and thread a lamp rod in it.

  2. Dave says:

    this looks cool, but epoxying lovely, usable cameras permanently to stuff is a terrible waste. Some of us use these to take pictures with.
    Might I suggest finding a less damaging way to attach them (they’ve got tripod mounts)?

  3. Holly Schnitzler says:

    I would love this lamp, however I would cry if that happened to any of my vintage cameras, even though some of them I know don’t work. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I saw one anywhere though.

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