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IR digital camera

MAKE was at the FIRST Robotics Competition over the weekend. One of the great things about going to these events is the people we meet. 16-year-old Matthew K. stopped by with his digital camera that he modified to shoot infrared pictures. Naturally, I asked if I could take a snapshot of Collin, one of our authors, to see how it worked. Pretty cool hack.

HOW TO – Take infrared pictures with a digital camera

8 thoughts on “IR digital camera

  1. idea says:

    Use the media from a broken 3.5 floppy disk… it works just as well and is a TON less grainy

  2. Marc de Vinck says:


    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Aud1073cH says:

    Check out Bill Beaty’s pages on IR filters

    I’ve made my own pair of IR goggles. I think I had to pay a little more than $10, because of the cost of the theatrical color filters. (smallest size 20″ x 24″) so
    one sheet congo blue $7
    one sheet medium red $7
    cup style welding goggles $4

    but I didn’t use all the gel (color filter), So there’s lots left over for making other things.
    So I made an IR filter for a flash light as well.

  4. matthew k says:

    I first posted this on the site that some of my friends run here I’ve created a login for you MAKE people the login is in all caps MAKEZINE and the password is also in all caps MAKEZINE

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