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LEGO Large Format Camera

Legotron Mark I Lego Large Format Camera
Cary Norton built this incredible large format camera out of LEGOs and calls it the Legotron, Mark I. The first few photographs Cary took with the camera left him “COMPLETELY FREAKING STOKED” and I understand why: they’re absolutely stunning. The focus range is currently limited to about 3 feet to 18 inches, but he hopes to improve that in “Mark II” of the design. Hopefully Cary will have it ready for all the Minifigs that will want to sit for a portrait session with him. [via Photojojo]


10 thoughts on “LEGO Large Format Camera

  1. Florian Rohrweck says:

    Please correct… it is a large format camera :) (4×5″)

    1. Daniel Låstad says:

      damn you beat me to that whit like 3 seconds ;)

      1. Florian Rohrweck says:

        There is always a next time :D

    2. Matt Richardson says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    This would be a great way to build a scanner camera. It will take a LOT of bricks, but it will be sturdy and allow reconfiguration until you decide on the final final.

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