Project Holograms from Your Smartphone

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Project Holograms from Your Smartphone

Here’s an amazing little optical trick for displaying hologram-like projections on your smartphone. The holograms float above the surface of your phone and are viewable using a little plastic projection box. And it is very easy to do. All you basically need is an old CD jewel box and the means to cut it up and join it together to form your projection box.


To create your hologram viewer, you simply cut out four pieces of clear plastic in the above configuration and tape or glue them together as shown in the video. Don’t be like the video’s creator, Mrwhosetheboss, and use such a broken and scratched up case. Surely you can find an unmarred jewel box or similar plastic material to use.


Once you have your projection box built, all you have to do is place it over your phone and play one of the videos that have been specifically designed for holographic projection. There are a bunch of these videos available here.

[H/t Bored Panda]


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