Tim’s Vermeer: Recreating a Masterpiece

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Tim’s Vermeer: Recreating a Masterpiece


Tim Jenison sitting in the exact replica of the room depicted in a Vermeer painting that he painstakingly recreated.

Tim Jenison had a theory that Johannes Vermeer’s paintings were a form of colour photography made 350 years ago, with the help of mirrors.

Check out this video trailer of his epic 5 year journey into testing his theory.


What really intrigued me about this project was his ability to recreate the room in Vermeer’s The Music Lesson in a life size scale using 3D modelling and a variety of modern day CNC machines.

A few of the items that appear in the painting could be purchased, for example the viola lying on the floor and the Turkish carpet covering the table. Almost everything else I would have to build myself.

Fortunately, I’m a DIY kind of guy. I started by making computer models of the objects in the painting using LightWave 3D.

Tim modelling the lion head detail for the blue chair.
A laser is used to cut window details from black acrylic.
A large-format inkjet printer is used to create the decorations on the harpsichord case.

Check out the full article written by Tim Jenison here.


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