Playful Jewelry from Hairy Sock

Craft & Design

I’m really enjoying the creative mixture of materials and concepts from Hairy Sock, including this eccentric “Drown in a Blossom” hair pin! I also really like the way the website is laid out; you can search by concept, type, and materials (including “hair”). There are also some wonderful photographs that make you look twice and some cool fashion shoots using illustration and costume. Worth checking out for inspiration! (Via Swiss Miss

4 thoughts on “Playful Jewelry from Hairy Sock

  1. Laura Cochrane says:

    wow! that girl’s got an imagination. i see on her etsy page that she’s from lithuania. great find, arwen!

  2. Laura Cochrane says:

    oh oh! in her etsy intro, she says, “… I produce shamelessly exciting hand made one of a kind pieces…”
    shamelessly exciting… i love it. :)

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