Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat Pattern

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Crafty Pants! shares her fashionable pattern for this beret slouchy hat that’s a style we’ve seen a lot by some recent celebs such as Kiera Knightly. I love this look because you really don’t have to worry about your hair at all and can just stuff it into this cozy hat for a casual/stylish look. [ via ] Link.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat Pattern

  1. sallybunny says:

    Help me! The link’s broken for the pattern, I’m part way through making it and I spilt coffee on my pattern ast night! Does anyoe have a copy they can e-mail me or post on the blog??

  2. nataliezee says:

    I think she exceeded her bandwidth on her site! There’s no other link right now for this.
    – nat

  3. Brittany Hatley says:

    I have this pattern somewhere at home, I printed it out a while back. I am going to type it up so I can share it with my sister. If anyone wants it, let me know.

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