Project: Holiday Fireworks Ring

Craft & Design

Everyone needs a bit of sparkly bling for the holidays. Sometimes it can get pricey to get something you like, but with the Holiday Ring you can make something festive and fun for a fraction of the cost.



30 small beads I used 4mm faceted Czech glass, 10 in red and 20 in deep wine.
30 bead pins
5 jump rings
Adjustable ring base with a single loop on top
, such as these found on Etsy. Also available at craft stores.


Round-nose pliers
2 sets of needle-nose pliers
Cutter pliers


Step 1: Place a bead on a pin. Grasp the pin snugly in the round-nose pliers about 1/3″ up from the tip and bend the wire to a 90-degree angle.
Step 2: Using your fingertip or needle-nose pliers, shape the bent bead pin into a loop, then twist the pin around the base of the loop. Continue twisting until it’s gone around at least 3 times. If there is excess wire, trim with cutters. Your bead pin should now have a loop on one end.
Step 3: Create the other 29 bead loops.
Step 4: Use two sets of needle-nose pliers to gently but firmly open the jump ring. Place 6 bead loops on each jump ring. Lightly close the finished jump rings so they don’t fall off while doing the others.
Step 5: Re-open a bead-adorned jump ring and carefully (and firmly) close it over the loop on the ring band. Repeat until all 5 are attached.
Viola! You are ready for glam. Happy Holidays!
About the Author:
Leah Peterson’s personal website is LeahPeah. You can see all Leah’s jewelry designs at DandyGoods.