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Quilts Made From Street Signs

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Jenean Morrison shares pictures from a recent visit to Memphis, where she explored the stunning public art installation, “Quiltsurround” by Sculptor and University of Memphis professor, Greely Myatt. The large scale quilts hide the unsightly heating and air conditioning units on the side of City Hall and were made using soon-to-be-recycled street signs as quilt pieces.

“We didn’t have a very good budget for this, and the idea of recycling is part of quilting, so I had the idea of taking the street signs that the city was going to recycle,” Myatt said. “I knew that material would withstand the outdoors.”

[via @DaisyJanie]
Photos by Joel T. Rose, via Jenean Morrison

10 thoughts on “Quilts Made From Street Signs

  1. nancy says:

    wow, would like to know how they did this?

  2. Len says:

    Do the research they are not quilts, but wonderful ‘Street Art’. Fabulous designs of quilts.

  3. Diana Lentz says:

    Artistic recycling how awesome is that!

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