Recycled cutlery chair

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Recycled cutlery chair


Via core77, whose Aart van Bezooyen writes:

Designartist Osian Batyka-Williams discovered that some restaurants change their cutlery as often as every nine months (!) With The Cutlery Chair he demonstrates how these hard-to-recycle, unwanted pieces can be turned into a unique piece of furniture.

It looks like it could be simple to remake this with a drill and pop rivets. Um, and a cushion.

8 thoughts on “Recycled cutlery chair

  1. Pavel Ushakov says:

    Wow, this is amazing…

  2. n. says:

    I think if you made a seat/back cover out of a sheet of really thick soft vinyl (instead of a cushion), then maybe you could still see everything but not be impaled.

  3. Anonymous says:


    On the other hand, this gives a whole new meaning to the term “Spooning”.


  4. Simpson says:

    /homer Hmmmmmm pointy /homer

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