Robin Indar’s Incredible Custom Mosaic Tiles

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Robin Indar’s Incredible Custom Mosaic Tiles

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Robin Indar is an incredibly talented and creative mosaic tile artist living and working in Chico, California.

There was something about her work that caught my eye, something that seemed so different than any of the mosaic art I had seen before. After closer inspection I realized that she was using custom tiles in her work. There were actual letters, sort of like porcelain scrabble tiles, circles, leaves, and even a full on squirrel body tile! This photo of the mosaic below is part of a planter/bench in Degarmo Park in Chico, California.


Robin was tired of not being able to find the right type of tiles for what she wanted to make, so she did some research and started making her own. By fulfilling this need for herself, she decided to open it up to the world by creating an online shop, Rebel Tiles. You can choose from over 100 different unique styles or even put in a request for a special order.

Since Robin now has complete control over the shape, size and color of her tiles she is focusing on a special no-sharp-edges style of mosaic she calls “whole-saic” which utilizes only whole tiles for a smooth surface. This handsome frog was created using the whole-saic method. He lives in Malibu Legacy Park along with seven other giant animal sculptures.


It’s clear that Robin loves her work, and is pushing the boundaries of what mosaic art can be. I love how she integrates her funky hardcore aesthetic so seamlessly into this art form. Would you be surprised if I told you she plays in a punk band? Check out this amazing glow in the dark mosaic skull she made.



Be sure to check out Robin’s website for more of her amazing projects. I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked through every page myself, I am a huge fan.

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