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Robot Ornaments

Lizette Greco’s craft work is inspired by the drawings of her two children. Her 4 year old son loves robots, and hence the plethora of robot material in her work, like these robot ornaments. With her children’s drawings as her pattern, she creates some amazing plush toys, dolls, bags and more. Lizette shared with us one of her cool crafting tips, “When I embroider a drawing, I trace the original drawing (a face for example) on tissue paper and then pin it to the head of the doll. I embroider on top of the paper and when I’m done, I rip it off gently. That way, I don’t make pencil marks on my pieces and don’t have to clean up after them (I’ve tried this before).Flickr Photos and Link.

2 thoughts on “Robot Ornaments

  1. milleker says:

    Neat idea, however for those looking for real robot ornaments I suggest a Beam ‘Pummer’ or a ‘Flag Twirler’. A few of these would work well on any MAKEr’s tree.

    Google or Solarbotics Community for more information.

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