Rosaline’s Crochet Star Wars Christmas Extravaganza

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Rosaline’s Crochet Star Wars Christmas Extravaganza

Rosaline writes in to share her 2-year-long project to create a Star Wars covered Christmas tree. You can see her beautifully crocheted Amigurumi figures here covering the tree. At first glance, you may not notice just how many there are!

The Good Guys

Here are the good guys, all the names you know and love. Including Rosaline’s personal favorite:

So hard to choose. My favourite would have to be C3PO if I must choose one. It took a lot of work and I loved the end result. (Boba Fett would be a close second)


Not only has she spent numerous hours creating these, many were made without plans and even required spinning her own yarn in order to get the texture she desired.

The “Other Guys”

Of course you can’t just pay homage to the good guys. The other guys need some exposure too!



Rosaline didn’t stop with just her favorite characters. You will also find the classic modes of transport from the films. The only thing really missing is the AT-ST.

I asked Rosaline if the collection is going to grow even more this year:

Most definitely. I have plans for a larger tree with more characters and ships for next year!

She is going to have to take a bit of a break before she starts though!

I’m going to take a break from amigurumi to knit and crochet some baby items for my newborn :) He was born on Dec 16. That was one of the reasons my husband set up the tree so nicely this year!

Great job Rosaline! This is truly inspiring and we can’t wait to see what you add next year!


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