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Scrap Skechbook


Jeffery Warren of Vestal Design has created an ingenious way to use up old scrap paper. Jeffrey says, “Bind all your old scrap paper and doodles into a new sketchbook, where the facing pages are all blank and the verso pages are covered in interesting and varied image fragments.Link.

4 thoughts on “Scrap Skechbook

  1. hensonkid says:

    That’s awesome. Now, how do I have them bound or bind them myself?

  2. Stokes says:

    Although it’s neither as pretty nor as portable, I just keep a couple of clipboards with a half-inch of scrap paper on each. A month worth of misprints and cover pages from around the office provides more than enough paper, even when I select only the pages that have the least printing on them (i.e. the results of mispagination in Excel, the printing of a web page or the results of the print server crashing).

    I’ve discovered that having scrap paper around has improved my work and possibly my creativity. I hate waste, so I find myself almost subconsciously reluctant to doodle on ‘good’ paper. Since the paper on my clipboards is basically trash taking the scenic route to the recycling bin, I have no such qualms.

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