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Seamless Knit Baby Kimono

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Jacki at The Complete Fabrication shares her knitting pattern to make her beautiful knit seamless baby kimono.

16 thoughts on “Seamless Knit Baby Kimono

  1. j says:

    That looks remarkably like the baby kimono in Mason Dixon Knitting. I’m not a big fan of copyright infringement and suggest CRAFT check this out.

  2. Seamless Knit Baby Kimono Becky Stern says:

    Well right away one different I noticed is that the kimono in Mason Dixon Knitting definitely has side seams and this one is seamless, but I don’t have the book on hand to see if the patterns are similar enough to be one in the same. Do you have the book in order to investigate?

  3. Anonymous says:

    While the finished object is remarkably similar, the technique used to construct the garment is quite different. These patterns are not at all the same.
    The MD sweater is knit flat in one piece and then seamed along the sides. This sweater is knit from the top down using a standard top down raglan construction. Furthermore, the MD sweater is worked in garter stitch and this one is worked in stockinette.

  4. Rebecca P. says:

    The only differences that I can see between this knit and the baby kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting is that the Mason Dixon kimono is in garter stitch, while this one is in stockinette, and it ties at the bottom instead of using sewn-on ribbons like the Mason Dixon pattern.
    It’s not *quite* the same pattern, but it’s certainly close enough that it shouldn’t be called an original pattern. It’s more like a variation.

  5. RealKnitter says:

    I think the pattern is great. A kimono is a kimono. A sock is a sock. A nappy is a nappy. Bored with the copyright arguments.

  6. Vicki S says:

    This is not the only one Jacki has designed. She has several freebies on her blog. Do check them out. Jacki, you’re not only one talented designer but generous too. Thanks!

  7. Shannon says:

    Jacki you are so generous to share your patterns. This is one of the greats.
    There’s always somebody who tries to appear clever by pointing out similarities between patterns……there’s only so many ways to re-invent the wheel, there’s bound to be similarities.
    Unfortunately for the naysayers here, they have infact shown their lack of knowledge in pointing out the similarities between a top down raglan seamless construction and a seamed, flat knit piece.
    Jealousy at not being able to create works of one’s own is usually behind this kind of slander. Chin up Charlie.

  8. j says:

    Thank you for the clarification ladies. I didn’t mean to be a naysayer, but I am aware that many designers have had designs duplicated (or minimally changed) by those who aren’t very ethical. After comparing the two, this is a different pattern…or different enough to be an original design. Apologies to those who got themselves in a twist over my question.

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