Shovercraft Propulsion Backpack Device

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Shovercraft Propulsion Backpack Device


One of the issues with playing shovercraft, is that you rely on others to push you around. With this product, or one you make yourself, you could add some thrust to your personal hovercraft. I suppose you could use it for a bike or kayak too, if you had to. As an added bonus, it’s controlled by a Michael-Jackson-style one handed glove. Awesomeness! [via] – Link

24 thoughts on “Shovercraft Propulsion Backpack Device

  1. fstedie says:

    Lame. Who in their right mind actually strap one of these on a regular basis? It is over $1,000 and cumbersome. Probably loud as hell too. And besides, how much thrust can you really get out of a 12″ battery powered fan?

    I suppose if you’re rich and lazy it may seem like a good idea…

  2. unregistered says:

    Oh please fstedie! Follow the link, learn for yourself! It says right on the front page that you can get 150miles per gallon. Does that sound like battery powered? And if you follow the FAQ link it says 12-20lbs thrust.

    Pretty far fetched use cases though: “Just step off your bike and into the canoe and away you go.” There are much better and more efficient alternatives for bikes and kayaks. This product will never take off (pun intended).

  3. -soapy- says:

    I’d buy that for a dollar.

    As regards the one handed glove, I’d love to see a photo and description of a two handed glove. I’m thinking something like an oven mitt?

  4. Bre says:

    Good points unregistered. Soapy, you’re cracking me up!

  5. pressedrat says:

    Best way to go deaf yet!

  6. blackrazorus says:

    I understand that there is a big market for this kind of device among coyotes in New Mexico. Especially those which wear roller skates…

  7. aolshove says:

    Regarding it’s use to propel a “shovercraft”, you could better spend your $895 to put towards the construction of an actual hovercraft that would work on land and water ($1,152.00 UH-10F from for example).

    Instead of using it with a bicycle, maybe you want to just buy a moped? Rather than a kayak or canoe, maybe you just want to buy a motor boat (otherwise, what’s the point?).

    A silly, overpriced, (and perhaps, dangerous) toy.

  8. volkemon says:

    Jeez louise….I think this is the biggest group of ‘naysayers’ and poo-poo-ers ( to use the technical terms) of an idea since I discovered MAKE. I’d wear ear plugs and try it. Go with the idea. If we could get more thrust and x/c skiis…
    SOAPY- 10 bonus points! Hahahahaha

  9. tms10000 says:

    Mmm… my bed frame has wheels… 1+1=2 … Mmm…

    More seriously, since this is Make after all, wouldn’t that give anyone the idea to make one yourself? 2 stroke engine + fan = injury almost assured.

    Extra points because it’s strapped to your back.

    The comment about coyotes and roller skates is right on though.

  10. mikiex says:

    A teenage kid back in the early 90’s made one of these in the UK (in Buckinghamsire),I remember it was in the local paper. He was stopped by police doing 40mph+ on his bike!

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