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These cups are pretty neat, they have snaps and you can put your own handles or snap them all together for easy storage… Another fun one to (re)make if you have old cups and snaps laying around… – [via] Link.

10 thoughts on “Snap cups

  1. mzungu says:

    This is just dumb.

    1st, I have to worry about the thing snapping-off while drinking hot tea.

    2nd, I have to keep track of 2 pieces of things in the kitchen. I have prob. keepinf my topperware lids with the topperware.

    3rd, Unless the button is made of stainless steel, it’s going to rust, and even if it is, disgusting gunks will get in there.

    Even with all that, I wonder how many cycles in the diswasher before the glue holding that button will fall out.

  2. gadgetlust says:

    mzungu, I guess I am in agreement with you on all three counts. Though they are cute, and possibly a fun thing to do on the weekend, These look more like chindogu ( than actual innovations to me.

    If the maker happens to read these comments – peace – I love creative ideas, and dumb ones make me laugh.

  3. philliptorrone says:

    yup, it’s a weekend post – weird stuff, maybe just there to inspire. it’s certainly possible to do these in other ways so they’d work out really well…

  4. volkemon says:

    After having my mind expanded due to the “leafblower” (aka ‘revver’) exploration I am hesitant to post derision so quickly. Sometimes ideas may be posted because the abstract is so appealing, wheras the actual example may be lacking.

    ie: good idea, not the best example….

    “”yup, it’s a weekend post – weird stuff, maybe just there to inspire.””


  5. INV/ALT says:

    I appreciate all your comments and criticisms, especially the chindogu comparison – ridiculous inventions are my favorite. And though these would appear to be completely bogus, the snap cups actually do work.

    mzungu: all very valid points… but…
    1. the cups are engineered with the strength of the snaps to securely hold the cup and contents without popping off. promise.
    2. the cups come with extra snaps to install them in some special place to keep all the components together – and to keep clutter off your shelves. but I hear you on the tupperware.
    3. The snaps are usually used on clothing, and won’t rust. but they would get gunk in there if you smeared food on them, so best be more cautious. And they come with directions that they are not dishwasher safe, because yes, the epoxy would pop off.

    These cups are not designed to be practical or every-day, but they are completely functional and can be enjoyed with a little extra care. I encourage you to look at the other snap cup scenarios on my website since that might explain the concept a little better than this one photo :


    INV/ALT design

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