Soft circuit voodoo doll

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Soft circuit voodoo doll

I love this soft circuit voodoo doll design that Catarina Mota and Raphael Abrams came up with for a class at NYC Resistor. Stabbing the little creature with a needle creates a short circuit between two sheets of conductive spandex, which act as a switch to turn on the LED lights. It’s a really simple idea, but produces a wonderful effect. I want to make one!

6 thoughts on “Soft circuit voodoo doll

  1. AKADriver says:

    Next step: make it shaped like a TV and replace the LEDs with a tv-b-gone! Scare the patrons at your favorite establishment by placing a hex on electronic devices!

  2. Angela S. says:

    I made voodoo dolls like this before but used regular old conductive fabric – the spandex is a much better solution.

    They are even more fun when you start networking them – a few years ago I was using RC car innards to wirelessly control effects on clothes from the dolls. Now that we have XBees the possibilities are endless! (Some pics here:

  3. alexisgo says:

    That’s my pirate voodoo-doll up there, before he got his eye patch! It was a wonderful class by Raph & Catarina.

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