Spring Bling: DIY Glitter Shoes

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Spring Bling: DIY Glitter Shoes

Spring Bling: DIY Glitter Shoes

Add a little sparkle to your step and some shimmer to your springtime style with a fabulous pair of DIY glitter shoes!

Spring Bling: DIY Glitter Shoes

I’m not usually a glitter-loving gal, but I’m actually kind of digging this fun and fancy take on crafty custom footwear.

Feeling the need for a bit of bling in your life? Grab a pair of canvas shoes, your favorite colorful glitter, and a fabric-friedly decoupage medium, then check out this DIY glitter shoes tutorial from Rachel at The Crafted Life, where you’ll learn how to create a pair of sneakers with enough sparkle to put a smile on your face even on the cloudiest of days.

Running errands? Paying bills? Scooping the cat box? No problem! DIY glitter shoes make everything better!

Note: The decoupage medium used in this tutorial is a multi-surface formula. If I were going to try this project, I’d probably err on the side of caution and use a fabric-specific decoupage medium instead. (That said, the medium in the original post might work perfectly—I haven’t tried a multi-surface medium for this kind of project before. If you have, do feel free to weigh in in the comments and tell us about it!)


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