Staple Box Spycam

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Staple Box Spycam

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Parly inspired by this weeks birdcam, DynaD made a spycam!

Had an old Espion digicam with a broken LCD lying around. Removed the case, LCD and battery connections and found it fit perfectly in this tiny (<5cm long) box of staples.

Connected via Skype and set to auto answer and send video when I call it. Shame about the USB cable sticking out the side (I may move it to the back)… and the fact I have nobody to spy on…

To do this just follow his instructions!

Just set up a new Skype account for the cam, set it to ignore anyone not on your contact list and auto-send video when a call starts. Then add it as a contact from your regular Skype account. I also set audo input to “line in” which has nothing connected – simply so I doesn’t send sound from the built in mic on my iMac. Link

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