Steampunk Beetle Built from a Broken Violin

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Steampunk Beetle Built from a Broken Violin

Nottingham Hackspace member Jake Howe built this beautiful beetle from an old violin, with a little laser cutter action mixed in! Check out Jake’s instructable showing how to do it.

6 thoughts on “Steampunk Beetle Built from a Broken Violin

  1. rjrugroden says:

    Not only is this awesome, but I love how it reflects the heart of Steampunk as well. Going to keep my eye out for broken violins from my uncle’s instrument repair shop from now on! I don’t have access to a laser cutter, but this has inspired me to think of other uses for a broken violin.
    Violins are hauntingly beautiful, even broken. :)

  2. Bob says:

    I think I’m confused. What exactly is at the heart of steampunk?

    1. Pandemonium Laboratories says:

      I don’t think you are confused Bob. I think the title for this piece would portray itself better as “Sculpture Made from Partially Reused Material”. I think my bicycle is “Steampunk”. It does have gears and all.

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