Stretchy USB fabric connection

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Stretchy USB fabric connection



Instructables user Pulsea writes:

Make a stretchy fabric USB cable for whatever reason you like. This was a first test for me and… it worked! So the next step will be to integrate this USB connection into a shirt that I can wear, with a pocket for my digital camera, containing a USB connection that connects to the end of one of a sleeve, so that I can plug right into my laptop to download my pictures.

10 thoughts on “Stretchy USB fabric connection

  1. BigD145 says:

    You are guaranteed to forget and pull your arm away from the computer while hooked up.

  2. bpwnz says:

    cool project, but isnt this what bluetooth is for?

  3. erswer says:

    The speed should be a problem. The cables in a USB cable are shielded and twisted to reduce interference. Here the cables are neither isolated nor shielded nor twisted. This will impair the speed and leed to the one or the other demaged file. Why don’t you use a ultrathin USB cable? There are 2 mm super flexible ones, they could be used as well and probably even integrated into a pattern on your pullover/ jacket.

  4. imvain2 says:

    For bluetooth, wouldn’t that involve purchasing a new camera that is bluetooth compatible? Or is there a special adapter that you can purchase to make any digital camera into a bluetooth camera?

    I think this is a decent idea, just the wrong implementation. I’m sure there are better uses for this concept. I just can’t think of any right now.

  5. khan says:

    Just what I always wanted to do: anchor my arm to a USB port.

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