Styrobots: Robot Sculptures Made From Styrofoam

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Styrobots: Robot Sculptures Made From Styrofoam


Sick of throwing out boxes full of useless, exotically-shaped, styrofoam packing materials? You could always take a leaf from artist Michael Salter‘s book and construct a massive meditating robot sculpture from left-over styrofoam, which he calls styrobots.

My work is an attempt to slow down, sort out, and focus information. The seemingly simple, runs away from me so fast, and leaves a cloud of dust so thick, I have to stop and wipe my eyes.

Over the past decade Salter has created over 20 styrobots from polystyrene packing materials collected from the communities where he exhibited them, which certainly seems like a thoughtful way to reflect on consumer culture and our relationship with these materials.

[via Lustik]

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