Super-Sized Wall-Mounted Scrabble Board

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Super-Sized Wall-Mounted Scrabble Board

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Scrabble is certainly an entertaining board game. Normally, it is played the floor or a table, however, who says that the board has to be sitting on a level surface? With a few magnets and a lot of DIY expertise, this scrabble board looks excellent adorning your wall. It is perfect for a lively literary-themed competition or simply as a decoration.

The build is well documented, in the above link, and an abbreviated build log can be found in the galleries below. Note that the author was unhappy with how the magnetic paint turned out and ended up discarding it and substituting 430-grade stainless steel. Unlike many stainless grades, it is magnetic.

One thing of note on this build is that the author used a local laser cutting and engraving shop to cut out the paint templates and engrave the tiles. This might seem like cheating to some, but personally I think it’s a great option. Buying your own laser cutter and learning how to use it for one project isn’t always a good use of your resources when there are people willing to do it for you. On the other hand, I’m not going to criticize anyone for buying an awesome machine tool, but having someone else do your cuts is something to consider if you want to make this project yourself without making a big investment in specialized tools.

The engraved letter tiles were painted by hand. This turned out sloppily at first, but after sanding, the excess paint outside of the engraving recessions went away, leaving a nice mark. In my experience, this “paint and wipe” technique also works well with other materials.

After more painting, embedding of magnets in the tiles, and wood glue, this Scrabble board turned out extremely well. Great planning on this one; something we could all probably use a little more of on our projects!

(Via Reddit)

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