Project Mokshamm Transforms Trash into Art

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Project Mokshamm Transforms Trash into Art

India is one of the most populated and fastest developing nations. People try to move as quick as possible to catch the train of everyday emerging technology, thereby forgetting the importance of recycling and upcycling to maintain an ecological balance. This project is hence an inspiration to GO GREEN and promote recycling and upcycling. I am a hardcore fan of upcycling things made of plastic bottles, glass, paper, old clothes, wool, and many more items that can be found lying dead around the house or not used at home anymore and turn them into Eco friendly items like vases, small pots, decorative home items, earrings made of paper, lamps, handbags, wall hangings, and many more. And they turn out to be stylish and give an elegant look to your home.


I have been working on this project for 5 years now. I started learning this by myself and my mother tells me that I have been creative since I was a child and quiet and observant, too. After having lived in the United Kingdom for 6 years and learned the best things in my life, I made up my mind to contribute the best to my nation and make it green, healthy, prosperous, and try to make India the best place to live for everybody around.

There were hardly any challenges while working on the project though. But convincing people to upcycle things made of plastic was a task due to the usage of “plastic” again. Nevertheless, very few object, while the greater percentage of people are for upcycled goods. So, it’s all about negotiation and convincing skills, which I was quite successful at.

There are many people around the world who do recycle and upcycle things for the betterment of their respective societies. So, the articles may or may not resemble someone else’s project.

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Swapna Veer

I am from Hyderabad, the state of Telangana and one of the most notable cities in India and I will not forget to mention the reason for its fame, that’s the delicious food, Biryani. I started working on “Project Mokshamm” (Mokshamm is a Sanskrit word, which means “The Liberation”) for 5 years now to promote recycling and upcycling. Project Mokshamm is an inspiration to GO GREEN and I constantly strive hard to keep my city and country eco-friendly for the generations to come.

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