Symphone mechanique turns junk into funk

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Symphone mechanique turns junk into funk


Built during the “Control Workshop” (led by MAKE friend and artist Roger Ibars), the “Symphonie Mecanique” by Camille Roussel and Hrarch Arbach triggers a tape recorder that spins and causes random piano notes to play on an old torn apart synthesizer. Nice way to hack together two aging sound devices.

Symphonie Mechanique – Link

6 thoughts on “Symphone mechanique turns junk into funk

  1. Ben Marvin says:

    Yeah, but this has got nothing on the spaghetti that Dan Deacon uses to make music.

  2. haineux says:

    Be great if there were more details than just a pointer to a similarly terse webpage.

  3. svofski says:

    This title reminded me of ballétt mechanique from interkosmos by xenoton

    It’s free, here

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