The Ambiance Enhancer (retro MP3 player)

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The Ambiance Enhancer (retro MP3 player)

And you thought your Tokyoflash watch was big and nerdy lookin’ Here’s an MP3 wrist gauntlet created by “porkshanks” (aka Molly Friedrich) and posted in her DeviantArt gallery. Molly writes:

I bought a pair of vintage Cannonball Empire headphones off Ebay and I disassembled and gutted them. I then transplanted the working parts of a Sony MDR-006 (that I randomly found on the ground at a bus stop 2 days ago!) into them, and voila! Cool looking ‘old’ headphones that work just fine with my MP3 player ^ _ ^

figuring out how to get the speakers into the Cannonballs was not easy. I actually ruined the prototype trying to do it in an overly fancy way with a different pair of Sony headphones.

So then I decided I needed some way to get my MP3 player to match my steampunk daily wear.

First I hand sewed a little cover for the MP3 player and attached the brown leather protection pad to it. Then I took a raw sheet of Brass and cut out the form, bending it into shape carefully and adding the lynch pins and strapping last. I wanted to be able to wear this on my jacket as well, so I created a little latch on the left arm of my jacket so it can be put on and off easily.

Voila! Retrofuture goodness…

The Ambiance Enhancer – Link


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