The “Avatar Machine” on BBtv

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The “Avatar Machine” on BBtv

On today’s BBtv, Xeni talks with Marc Owens about his Avatar Machine, a camera rig that turns you into a gaming avatar in the real world.


Howstuffworks details how the Avatar Machine is built, which as Owen says in the interview, is basically a camera tripod mounted on your back.

Avatar Machine – Marc Owens’ wearable simulator of virtual worlds
How the Avatar Machine works

4 thoughts on “The “Avatar Machine” on BBtv

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stupid ideas from stupid people. Hey, let’s bring this to America and act like an idiot in some ghetto! Seeing if you come out alive is half the fun, the other half is being a stupid dick just asking for it while doing it.

  2. ljdarten says:

    I didn’t watch the entire thing because it got boring after awhile. apparently it makes you act like an ass and get in peoples faces.

    otherwise the idea is kind of interesting.

    I can’t help but notice he seems to be compelled to move very exaggeratedly (as a game character would and also so it’s more visible to the user), I would be interested to see if other people do that too.

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